Kiosk Manager overview

Kiosk Manager streamlines and consolidates app user data from sign-up to check-in.  Integrated with registration, profiles and badges

It allows app users to check themselves in, print badges or register on-site. Badges and Kiosks can be completely custom designed to match your brand.

Multiple kiosks can be set up for priority check-ins, for example:  you may have a separate speaker, exhibitor and delegate check-in.

To set up a new kiosk, go to the Kiosk Manager Element.

  1. To begin give the kiosk a name. Once you have saved your Kiosk, an access code will be generated. The access code is used to activate the Kiosk hardware.
  2. There are multiple methods for app users to check-in: scanning, access code or filling in a registration form.
  3. To enable check in with a qr code, select ‘allow scanning’. To enable check in via the in-app qr scanner select ‘allow scanning from the app’. To enable check-in via a profile access code, select ‘allow enter code
  4. To allow delegates to register from the Kiosk add the registration form url, from the Registration Element

If you have set up your badges in the Badge Creator you can select the template to use, whether it needs to print front & back, and the rotation for folding.

The Success Message, is the message displayed to users once they have successfully, scanned, entered their code or registered.

Custom design assets for the Kiosk screen, including background image and buttons, can also be managed from this page.



Kiosk Start Screen Live

Kiosk Registration Options Screen Live

Once the Kiosk has been set up in the core, staff can use the Kiosk Companion to manage kiosks. See other articles in this section for more information.

Badge Creator

Customised delegate badges, generated directly from your profile data. Create print ready files or print on-site from Kiosk. Read more about Badge Creator.

Registration Forms

By setting up registration forms, app users can register on-site, quickly and easily at a Kiosk. Read more about the Registration Element.