Lead Capture Overview

The Lead Capture element allows exhibitors to quickly and easily gather leads in real time by simply scanning QR codes.

Attendee badges can be scanned by exhibitors using the Capture app, or attendees can scan QR code points at each booth using the event App.

Digital passports or lucky door prizes are a great way to incentivise attendees to visit all exhibition booths.

Lead Capture settings

Select the profile fields which you would like exhibitors to receive – for example: email, name and contact number. 'Notes' allows exhibitors to enter their own information for their reference within the Capture App, and is a useful field to include.

Exhibitor Access Codes

Next, go to exhibitor access codes. The exhibitors listed here are sourced directly from the exhibitor pages you have set up in Content. Select ‘generate blank codes’. These codes are required by the exhibitors to log in to the Capture App.

Here you can also find the individual QR codes which exhibitors can display at their booth for attendees to scan themselves, using the event app.

Add Scan Manually

You can manually allocate a capture record to an exhibitor if required under Add Scan. This can only be done by event organisers, not exhibitors. This may be necessary if an attendee did not have their badge and an exhibitor is requesting the profile be added to their leads.


View and export reports and number of leads by exhibitor or profile from Reports.

Exhibitor Overview Report - shows real time scans per exhibitor based on total available scans. For example 30 scans / out of 800 potential delegates in attendance.

Delegate Progress Report - lists all app users and their total scans out of total available scans. For example 5 scans / out of 50 potential exhibitor booths.

Multiple Exhibitor Reports - allows you to select a specific exhibitor and view app users by name who have scanned at that booth. There is also a button to 'select random attendee' - for lucky door prizes or competitions.

All reports can be exported in excel format using the export report symbol