Attendance Tracking Overview

Attendance Tracking allows you to follow event attendees with QR codes - automatically scanning them into events and sessions. Control ticketed sessions from any device, monitor attendance and view post event reports.

Scanning QR codes is very quick and can be done multiple ways. For example with attendee badges which can be generated with a unique QR code from their Profile in the Core, or with QR points at rooms to be scanned by the attendee using the event app.

Session Codes

Session access codes are used by event staff to log into the relevant session from any device with the Track App. To begin, go to Sessions within the Attendance Tracking element.

From here you can see all sessions from your event schedule, click ‘generate blank codes’.

Session Rules - allow entry based on profile type

For sessions which are intended for specific app users, you can create rules to allow certain profile types or fields. For example create a rule which allows only attendees with a profile type ‘sponsor’ to the Sponsors Working Lunch. All other profile types will be denied access when scanned.

QR Scan Points

To use QR points at room locations, click the drop down next to the session and save to your device.

Manually Add Scan

Add scan, allows you to manually add a scan for any app user to a selected session if required.

Settings & Session Groups - automatically run sessions

Within the settings you can enable self scanning and set default offset times to automatically run sessions. For example you can leave a tablet with the track app at a room, ready to gather session scans without needing a staff member to operate it. The offset times are a specific amount of time before and after a session which the track app will accept scans.

Session Groups can be created if you have multiple sessions in the same room. For example, meeting room A has 3 sessions on the first day of the conference.To enable self scanning - log into the track app using one of the session access codes within this group and it will gather scans, 10 minutes prior, until 10 mins after the session has concluded. If your sessions are running very close together, you will need to change the offset time to less so they don’t overlap.


View and export attendance analytics from Reports.

Session Overview Report - shows real time scans per session based on total available scans. For example 30 scans / out of 800 potential delegates in attendance.

Delegate Attendance of Sessions Report - filter delegates based on profile type to generate a report on which sessions they have attended. Lists delegates by name + the sessions they have scanned in

Delegate Remaining Sessions Report - filter delegates based on profile type to generate a report on which sessions they have not attended. Lists delegates by name + the sessions they have not scanned in to.

Full Scan Report - generates an excel spreadsheet listing delegates by name with sessions they have attended and at what time.

All reports can be exported in excel format using the export report symbol