Demographic Polling with Profile Data

The Audience Demographics feature allows you to filter the responses received from live polling questions based on data captured by custom multiple choice profile fields in the Core.

To display Demographic Audience Polling with profile data

  1. Navigate to Audience Polling from the top menu
  2. Create a new question or select a question from the list
  3. Navigate to Audience Display and click Question
  4. Click Start Voting
  5. Navigate to Audience Display and select Demographics

  6. Select a Demographic Field from the list
  7. Select a Chart Type


Demographic results can then be viewed as either a bar chart, cluster chart, column chart or table chart.

This will display the responses given based on the data provided in the custom multiple choice profile field. E.g. 1 person aged 25 - 34 years No, and 2 people aged 35 - 44 years responded, 1 YES and 1 NO.

Bar Chart


Cluster Chart


Column Chart


Table Chart