Configure Interactive Sessions Settings

How to configure Interactive Sessions settings

Configure general settings and appearance for your Interactive Sessions. These settings control what is shown on the display screen, how it will be displayed, and what attendees will see in the App. 

To configure settings:

  1. Navigate to Interactive Sessions > Settings from the Navigation Menu

Interactive Sessions Background / Holding Screen: Add your own custom designed holding screen to display to your audience for interactive sessions. The recommended image size is 1920 x1080 PNG or JPG format.

Use letters as a prefix - This refers to Live Polling and will enable an A. B. C...prefix to show next to the answers on the display screen.

Show Profiles on Questions & Comments - This refers to Live Discussion and Ask A Question. Attendees who are logged into their App Profile will have their Profile image and name displayed next to their contribution. Attendees not logged in will display as 'Anonymous'. 

Allow users to submit questions when not logged in - This only refers to Ask A Question. Please note: Attendees must be logged in to participate in Live Discussion.

Update frequency - This is the time which the session will refresh and display new questions or results.

Chart Colours - Colour selections will display on the Live Polling Charts. Each available response is represented by a colour on the Live Polling Charts.

Terms - allows you to customise the buttons and other default session titles or holding messages which attendees will see when looking at an interactive session within the event App. For example, you can change "Ask a Question is currently disabled" to "Ask a Question is currently closed"

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