Partner Project Timeline

Setup App Store Accounts

Only relevant for Custom Portals and Standalone Event Apps:

Can start ASAP → 6+ weeks before submission

  • Ensure to start your store account creation as soon as possible. For Google Play and Apple App Store account creation guides click here
  • Confirm your app build process with your client. App build processes


Can start ASAP → 1 week before store submission

  • To access design templates and supporting documentation click here
  • Once design has been completed, load into the Core

Content / Data / Pre-Event

2 months+ →  2 weeks before your event

  • Ensure you have received your Core login details via email
  • Make yourself familiar with the Knowledge Base for support enquires
  • Load in content to the app and check and test using your distributor portal until the app is ready in the stores (if having a standalone app)
  • Load in profiles (if applicable), and ensure relevant information is visible in the app
  • Create badge template and send for printing. Order badge pockets and lanyards.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my client require any templates for uploading data?
  • Does the app need to be password protected? If so, how?
  • Is there WIFI at the venue? Can these details be added into the app?
  • Will any onsite staff or badge printing equipment be needed for the event?
  • Does my client have all relevant information about the elements they have purchased?

App Store Submission

1 month before your event (minimum of 2 weeks before intended App launch to attendees)

  • The App can be submitted with a minimum of 5 menu icons supported by relevant content. This may include Basic Schedule, Location, About the Event,  Accommodation pages and Notifications (make sure there are some example notifications - like a welcome notification).
  • Ensure all relevant design assets and submission text has been loaded in to the project and approved through the Store Listing section in the Core.
  • Ensure you have read all the Apple App Store review guidelines before submitting.

Element Setup

3 weeks before your event

Attendee Connect Element

Set up ready for testing before launch → 1-2 weeks before launch

  • Ensure all required features have been activated for this element (leaderboard, messaging, activity feed etc.)
  • Decide on a log in method and send relevant information to attendees

Ask yourself:

  • How will my attendees log in? Where will they log in?
  • How am I going to distribute log in codes etc.?
  • Do my attendees know how to log in?

Interactive Sessions Element

1-2 weeks before event

Please note only sessions can be made interactive; not session segments.

  • Ensure all sessions you wish to make interactive are set up as parent sessions, not a segment.
  • Ensure all sessions that are to be Interactive are in this list

Ask yourself:

  • Are my questions set up correctly and in the right order?
  • Do I know how to cycle through the questions on the day?

Lead Capture Element

Set up ready for testing before launch → 1-2 weeks before launch

Only exhibitors who are listed on an Exhibitors page type will be set up for Lead Capture.

  • Confirm exhibitor access. Signup form or unique access code
  • Setup signup form or exhibitor teams if using unique access code
  • Export exhibitor codes and distribute
  • Ensure relevant export fields are ticked for exhibitor reports
  • Print QR or access codes for onsite if required

Ask yourself:

  • Do my exhibitors have relevant information about Capture?

Attendance Tracking Element

1-2 weeks before event

Please note only session can be tracked; not session segments.

  • Ensure all sessions you wish to make trackable are set up as session, not a session segment.
  • Ensure all sessions that are to be trackable are in this list
  • Export full list of Track access codes

Ask yourself:

  • Do my staff know how to use Track?
  • Do my staff have all session codes required?
  • Do my staff have the Track app loaded onto their device?

Ensure all practice scans, posts, comments and points awarded are cleared before launch

Launch / Getting the App to the attendees

1 week → 2+ Weeks before your event

  • Do a final check of the app and ensure all content and elements are finalised, working and ready to go
  • Double check your app is available in both stores
  • Confirm how attendees will access the app (access code, email etc.)
  • Compose eDM/launch email/launch comms that contains links to download app, log in details or any other relevant event information
  • Send eDM/launch email to attendees/launch your app

During the event 

  • Are your attendees logging into the app? TIP: have post-it notes or small pieces of paper onsite for people who forget their log in details
  • Using Interactive Sessions? Is someone organised to cycle through the questions, or choose questions from the audience?
  • Using Lead Capture? Do you have exhibitor access codes onsite?
  • Using Attendance Tracking? Do your staff have all session codes required, and Track app loaded onto their device?


1-2 weeks after your event

  • Use Stats & Usage and Profile Stats pages to extract post-event data
  • Your app will stay listed in the stores for 1 year unless you’d like Entegy to take it down sooner

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