App Evolution Timeline


Once you have accepted/signed your quote and before you begin loading in content

  • Have you received the design templates and supporting documentation from the Ignite team? If not, click here
  • Once design has been completed, load into the Core


4 months+ → 2 weeks before your event

  • Using Entegy Registration? Refer to the Knowledge Base to set up your form
  • Accepting Payment? Entegy does not handle payments directly, rather Entegy integrates with payment gateways Pin Payments and eWAY. The Knowledge Base explains how to connect with these external payment gateways. Ensure you’re compliant with the relevant tax regulations when sending payment confirmation emails - you must include an ABN, date, invoice number and total cost (including GST).
  • Where are delegates registering - via a website url, through the app, or on-site using Entegy’s Kiosk Hardware?
  • An EDM is an easy way to notify delegates of how they can register.
  • Test that your registration form is live and working before notifying delegates.


2 months+ → 2 weeks before your event

  • Ensure you have received your Core log in details via email
  • Contact the Ignite team to organise training or use the Knowledge Base
  • Load in content to the app and check using the Ignite Launcher until your app is ready in the stores (if having a standalone app)
  • Load in profiles (if using), and ensure relevant information is visible in the app
  • Ensure all relevant design assets and submission text passed on to the Ignite team and approved through the Store Listing page at least 2-3 weeks before app launch date
  • Design badges and send for printing 1-2 weeks before app launch date. Order badge pockets and lanyards.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I require any templates for uploading data?
  • Does my app need to be password protected? If so, how?
  • Using Attendee Connect? How will my delegates log in? Where will they log in?
  • Using Interactive Sessions? Are my questions set up correctly? Do I know how to cycle through the questions on the day?
  • Using Lead Capture? Do my exhibitors have relevant information about Capture?  
  • Using Attendance Tracking? Do my staff know how to use Track?
  • Is there WIFI at the venue? Can I add these details into the app?
  • Do I need any onsite staff or badge printing equipment for my event?
  • Do I have all relevant information about the elements I have purchased?
    • Attendee Connect
    • Interactive Sessions
    • Lead Capture
    • Attendance Tracking


1 week → 2+ Weeks before your event

  • Do a final check of the app and ensure all content and elements are finalised, working and ready to go
  • Double check your app is available in both stores
  • Compose eDM/launch email that contains links to download app, log in details or any other relevant event information
  • Send eDM/launch email to delegates/launch your app


  • Using Attendee Connect? TIP: have post-it notes or small pieces of paper onsite for people who forget their log in details
  • Using Interactive Sessions? Is someone organised to cycle through the questions, or choose questions from the audience?
  • Using Lead Capture? Do you have exhibitor access codes onsite?
  • Using Attendance Tracking? Do your staff have all session codes required, and Track app loaded onto their device?


1-2 weeks after your conference

  • Use Stats & Usage and Profile Stats pages to extract post-event data
  • Your app will stay listed in the stores for 1 year unless you’d like Ignite team to take it down sooner