Scheduling Notifications

If you plan on queueing a number of push notifications to send throughout the duration of your event, a common best practice is to create a plan or schedule ahead of time, importing your notifications into the Core one finalised.

Push notifications are best used to get key information out to your attendees instantly, for instance, changes to an agenda or scheduled session.

Below, we have provided a simple template and a set of example notifications to help you plan the perfect push notification schedule.



Target Page

Welcome to ____!

Welcome to ____! Conference proceedings are now underway. Remember to view the schedule and utilise the bookmark feature to personalise your agenda.


Leave feedback for ____

We hope you enjoyed the talk.

Hit view to rate the talk and leave any comments.

Submission form within scheduled sessions

____ is about to begin

Doors are now open for ____ in the Main Auditorium.

Session within schedule

Special thanks to ____!

We extend a massive thanks to ____ for their assistance in making this conference a reality.

Target sponsor page within sponsor listing

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