Access Interactive Sessions at Your Event

How to access interactive sessions at your event

To access Interactive Sessions at your event, you will need to login to the Interactive Sessions Control Panel. 

Organisers and Facilitators login to the Control Panel with the same details used to login to the Core. 

The Control Panel houses unique web links to the Display Screen and Facilitator Dashboard for each session. This enables you to run Interactive Sessions for multiple sessions running at the same time.

There is a unique Display Screen web link for each session. 

Each session Display Screen is controlled by a unique Facilitator Dashboard web link.

If you wish to broadcast a particular session Display Screen on multiple screens around your venue, for example, a plenary session, all screens will be controlled by the same Facilitator Dashboard web link.

The web link to the Facilitator Dashboard should be opened on the device which will be managing the session. It is recommended to have a dedicated person to control or moderate the session from this device.