Create an external reference for existing profiles

So you've imported profiles into a project without external references and have distributed access details to users already within the Core, so you're unable to delete the profiles with a fresh import. An easy way to add additional profiles to the system, whilst also updating the existing profiles, is to use an external reference field to match up the data during the import process. 

If your registration system doesn't allow the export of a unique identifier per profile you'll need to create one within your own data. As long as this field is unique per profile, the system will be able to match up profiles and automatically update and create profiles as needed. Often we create a combination field using the First name and Last name. 

To add and First Name Last Name external reference for existing profiles go to Profiles > Export Data & Reports

1. Tick the following boxes in Field Selection:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Internal Reference
  • Click ‘Export’

3. click export and open the excel file.

4. add an additional column between Last Name and Internal Reference. In this Column 'Column C', Row 2 insert: =TRIM(A2)&TRIM(B2)

 This will then create the following:

First Name

Last Name


Internal Reference









 5. Pull down the new column (hover mouse in bottom right corner of cell until + appears, then drag) to repeat the new formula into the remaining cells for each profile

 6. Title column C ‘External Reference’

 7. Ensure there are no duplicates (people with the same name).

  • Select all of column C
  • 'Conditional Formatting’ > Highlight Cell Rules > Duplicate Values > OK
  • This will highlight any duplicates. If none appear, you are good to go.

 8. Copy new cells and paste values (icon with paste clipboard and 123 written on it)

9. Save document and re upload to the Core. Profiles > Bulk Import Profiles

  • Select File
  • Change reference field to ‘Internal Reference’ (this will update those already existing profiles)
  • Assign relevant columns
  • Validate. This is to ensure there are NO new profiles being created, but rather updating the existing profiles