Interactive Sessions Checklist

View Sessions

  • Ensure all sessions that are to be Interactive are in this list
    • Check for icons in schedule too
  • Ensure status is correct for the session
    • Opening soon
    • Accepting questions
    • Live
    • Results only
    • Closed
  • Ensure correct elements are activated:
    • Audience Polling (ensure questions are queued and ready)
    • Live discussion
    • Submitted questions

Suggested resources for staff regarding Interactive Sessions

Our Knowledge Base has detailed instructions and videos to guide you through using Interactive Sessions before and during your event:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are my questions set up correctly and in the right order?
  • Do I know how to cycle through the questions on the day?
  • Do I have all the relevant information about this element and using it on the day?
  • Is someone organised to cycle through the questions, or choose questions from the audience?