Elements Checklist (all)


Project Configuration

  • Set Event Display Name
  • Core and Mobile time zones set for event location
  • Event set to “Live”
  • Access type:
    • Shared password
    • Profile login
    • Public access


  • Enable session reminders?
  • Add bookmarked sessions to device calendar?

Basic Email Templates

  • If using Registration, ensure set up with the appropriate details

Associated Builds

Ensure linked to the Launcher or another portal
Download and log into the Ignite Launcher

Did you know you can view your app before it is submitted to the store? Here’s how:

To view your app in its current state, and while you are loading content etc., please download our Ignite Launcher: http://igniteeventportal.eventapp.com.au/

Once you download it, ensure that you choose ‘accept’ to notifications. Once you open the Launcher for the first time, you will be prompted to enter an Event Code. You can find your Event Code on the Dashboard of the Core, listed as “Access Code”, in the “Project Information” box.

While you are updating content etc., you will need to refresh the app so these changes can be viewed. To refresh the app, go to the main screen of the app and click the ‘cog’ in the top right hand corner. This will then bring up a small menu. Choose “Check for updates”. This will then refresh the app and bring in any changes that have been made in the back end.

Main Menu

  • Ensure all icons are linked correctly and have an appropriate icon/image

Submission Forms

  • Privacy settings per submission form:
    • User selectable
    • Always anonymous
    • Linked to profile

Push Notifications

  • Queued with correct send time and date?
  • Check categories are linked to profile types

Popup Messages

  • Check popup messages are working in the app and are linked to the correct pages

App Settings

  • Do you need a welcome pop-up?
  • Show visited status on exhibitors?
  • Show visited status on sessions?

**Ensure all stats have been cleared before app launch**



Ensure that Attendee Connect is configured correctly:


  • Make sure “Allow users to message each other” is set to “yes”

Activity Feed

  • Ensure the following is set up for your event:
    • Allow Users to post Statuses
    • Require users to login before viewing
    • Allow Commenting on:
      • Session Pages
      • Speaker Pages
      • Exhibitor Pages
      • Sponsors Pages
  • Make sure you know how to view and delete comments/posts from the Core

DELETE COMMENTS - If you need to view or delete comments on the Activity Feed you will need to go Attendee connect → Activity Feed → Preview (Third tab along under the blue/green) → find the post to delete and click the drop down arrow on the far right of that comment → Delete

Points and Leaderboard

  • Achievements → Create Default Achievements
  • Point allocations selected and points allocated

In-app Badge

  • Badge name, various badge lines of required text, text sizes and colours activated, and linked to menu


  • If terms or titles/icon text changed from standard wording, ensure they match to the page title/wording


  • How are delegates going to log in?
    • Unique access code generated by the Core
    • External reference code (e.g. staff code)
    • Unique email address (this will only work if ALL email addresses are unique)
    • Two of the above (e.g. email and unique access code)
  • Where will delegates be prompted to log in?
    • Prompt on first open of the app
    • When opening Attendee Connect features (Leaderboard, Activity Feed, Profile List etc.)
  • What will your default privacy settings be?
    • All visible in Profile List
    • All allow messaging
    • All visible in list and allow messaging
  • Will Privacy Settings show on first log in?


  • How will I let my delegates know about this event app?
  • What information do my delegates need to know?
    • Where to download the app
    • How to download the app
    • Log in details (access codes etc.)
    • What we will be using the app for

Ensure all icon text matches the title of the page (i.e. Icon: Entegy Chat → Activity Feed).

**Clear all posts, comments and points awarded before app launch**

TIP: have post-it notes or small pieces of paper onsite for people who forget their log in details

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How will my delegates log in?
  • Where will they log in?
  • Do my delegates know how to log in?
  • Do I have all the relevant information about this element and using it on the day?



View Sessions

  • Ensure all sessions that are to be Interactive are in this list
    • Check for icons in schedule too
  • Ensure status is correct for the session
    • Opening soon
    • Accepting questions
    • Live
    • Results only
    • Closed
  • Correct elements are activated:
    • Audience Polling (ensure questions are queued and ready)
    • Live discussion
    • Submitted questions

Suggested resources for staff regarding Interactive Sessions

Our Knowledge Base has detailed instructions and videos to guide you through using Interactive Sessions before and during your event: http://support.entegy.com.au/hc/en-us/categories/201854798-Interactive-Sessions

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are my questions set up correctly and in the right order?
  • Do I know how to cycle through the questions on the day?
  • Do I have all the relevant information about this element and using it on the day?
  • Is someone organised to cycle through the questions, or choose questions from the audience?



  • All exhibitors who are listed on an Exhibitors page type will appear here – make sure all relevant exhibitors appear here

Exhibitor Access Codes

  • Generate blank codes
  • Export exhibitor codes and send to exhibitors with event code
  • Export for eDM and send eDM
  • Do you want Entegy to create PDFs of the Capture information?


  • Make sure all relevant export fields are ticked and exporting is working

Suggested instructions for exhibitors using Capture:

To view how lead capturing software works, please download our Capture app: capture.eventapp.com.au

When you open the app for the first time, you will be prompted to enter an Event Code.

Event code: <Insert Event Code here>

Event Access Code: <Insert Event Access Code here>

Each exhibitor has their own access code so only those delegates they have scanned can be exported, however, these log in details can be shared among staff working on your exhibitor stand.

Tap to scan and hold the name badge or in-app badge roughly 20cm from the camera with the QR in the centre of the screen. A green tick indicates a successful scan.

To view those delegates that have been scanned, select the ‘View Leads’ button. Tap on a person’s profile to make notes. To export a report of those delegates scanned, click the ‘Export Report’ icon. This will email a CSV of all captured data to yourself.

**Ensure practice scans are cleared before app launch**

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do my exhibitors have relevant information about Capture?
  • Do I have all the relevant information about this element and using it on the day?
  • Do I have exhibitor access codes ready to take onsite?



Session Codes

  • Ensure all sessions that will use Track are set up as a Schedule page. If they are not, they will not appear here
  • Generate blank codes
  • Ensure relevant rules are set for sessions (e.g. excluding people not paid to attend gala dinner)
  • Export full list of Track access codes
  • Ensure you and your onsite staff know how to use Track app

Suggested instructions for staff using Track

The track companion app can be downloaded to your device from here: http://track.eventapp.com.au/

The app contains instructions on how to use the track functionality.

Event code: <Insert Event Code here>

The event access code can be found in the excel sheet attached. Each session has its own access code so that you are scanning delegates into a particular session, rather than just into the event.

Once you have entered the event code and access code, you will be prompted with a large blue circle that says ‘Tap to Scan’. Once you tap this it will allow the app to use your camera. Point your device at an attendee’s badge and it will scan them into the session. It will appear with another green circle saying if it is successful or access denied.

**Ensure all practice scans are cleared before app launch**

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do my staff know how to use the Track app?
  • Do I have all the relevant information about this element and using it on the day?
  • Do my staff have all session codes required?
  • Do my staff have the Track app loaded onto their device?