App Settings Checklist

Project Configuration

  • Set Event Display Name
  • Core and Mobile time zones set for event location
  • Event set to “Live”
  • Access type:
    • Shared password
    • Profile login
    • Public access


  • Enable session reminders?
  • Add bookmarked sessions to device calendar?

Basic Email Templates

  • If using Registration, ensure set up with the appropriate details

Associated Builds

Ensure linked to the Launcher or another portal
Download and log into the Ignite Launcher

Did you know you can view your app before it is submitted to the store? Here’s how:

To view your app in its current state, and while you are loading content etc., please download our Ignite Launcher:

Once you download it, ensure that you choose ‘accept’ to notifications. Once you open the Launcher for the first time, you will be prompted to enter an Event Code. You can find your Event Code on the Dashboard of the Core, listed as “Access Code”, in the “Project Information” box.

While you are updating content etc., you will need to refresh the app so these changes can be viewed. To refresh the app, go to the main screen of the app and click the ‘cog’ in the top right hand corner. This will then bring up a small menu. Choose “Check for updates”. This will then refresh the app and bring in any changes that have been made in the back end.

Main Menu

  • Ensure all icons are linked correctly and have an appropriate icon/image

Submission Forms

  • Privacy settings per submission form:
    • User selectable
    • Always anonymous
    • Linked to profile

Push Notifications

  • Queued with correct send time and date?
  • Check categories are linked to profile types

Popup Messages

  • Check popup messages are working in the app and are linked to the correct pages

App Settings

  • Do you need a welcome pop-up?
  • Show visited status on exhibitors?
  • Show visited status on sessions?

**Ensure all stats have been cleared before app launch**