Attendee Connect Checklist

Ensure that Attendee Connect is configured correctly:


  • Make sure “Allow users to message each other” is set to “yes”

Activity Feed

  • Ensure the following is set up for your event:
    • Allow Users to post Statuses
    • Require users to login before viewing
    • Allow Commenting on:
      • Session Pages
      • Speaker Pages
      • Exhibitor Pages
      • Sponsors Pages
  • Make sure you know how to view and delete comments/posts from the Core

DELETE COMMENTS - If you need to view or delete comments on the Activity Feed you will need to go Attendee connect → Activity Feed → Preview (Third tab along under the blue/green) → find the post to delete and click the drop down arrow on the far right of that comment → Delete

Points and Leaderboard

  • Achievements → Create Default Achievements
  • Point allocations selected and points allocated

In-app Badge

  • Badge name, various badge lines of required text, text sizes and colours activated, and linked to menu


  • If terms or titles/icon text changed from standard wording, ensure they match to the page title/wording


  • How are delegates going to log in?
    • Unique access code generated by the Core
    • External reference code (e.g. staff code)
    • Unique email address (this will only work if ALL email addresses are unique)
    • Two of the above (e.g. email and unique access code)
  • Where will delegates be prompted to log in?
    • Prompt on first open of the app
    • When opening Attendee Connect features (Leaderboard, Activity Feed, Profile List etc.)
  • What will your default privacy settings be?
    • All visible in Profile List
    • All allow messaging
    • All visible in list and allow messaging
  • Will Privacy Settings show on first log in?


  • How will I let my delegates know about this event app?
  • What information do my delegates need to know?
    • Where to download the app
    • How to download the app
    • Log in details (access codes etc.)
    • What we will be using the app for

Ensure all icon text matches the title of the page (i.e. Icon: Entegy Chat → Activity Feed).

**Clear all posts, comments and points awarded before app launch**

TIP: have post-it notes or small pieces of paper onsite for people who forget their log in details

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How will my delegates log in?
  • Where will they log in?
  • Do my delegates know how to log in?
  • Do I have all the relevant information about this element and using it on the day?