Lead Capture Checklist


  • All exhibitors who are listed on an Exhibitors page type will appear here – make sure all relevant exhibitors appear here

Exhibitor Access Codes

  • Generate blank codes
  • Export exhibitor codes and send to exhibitors with event code
  • Export for eDM and send eDM
  • Do you want Entegy to create PDFs of the Capture information?


  • Make sure all relevant export fields are ticked and exporting is working

Suggested instructions for exhibitors using Capture:

To view how lead capturing software works, please download our Capture app: capture.eventapp.com.au

When you open the app for the first time, you will be prompted to enter an Event Code.

Event code: <Insert Event Code here>

Event Access Code: <Insert Event Access Code here>

Each exhibitor has their own access code so only those delegates they have scanned can be exported, however, these log in details can be shared among staff working on your exhibitor stand.

Tap to scan and hold the name badge or in-app badge roughly 20cm from the camera with the QR in the centre of the screen. A green tick indicates a successful scan.

To view those delegates that have been scanned, select the ‘View Leads’ button. Tap on a person’s profile to make notes. To export a report of those delegates scanned, click the ‘Export Report’ icon. This will email a CSV of all captured data to yourself.

**Ensure practice scans are cleared before app launch**

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do my exhibitors have relevant information about Capture?
  • Do I have all the relevant information about this element and using it on the day?
  • Do I have exhibitor access codes ready to take onsite?