Attendance Tracking Checklist

Session Codes

  • Ensure all sessions that will use Track are set up as a Schedule page. If they are not, they will not appear here
  • Generate blank codes
  • Ensure relevant rules are set for sessions (e.g. excluding people not paid to attend gala dinner)
  • Export full list of Track access codes
  • Ensure you and your onsite staff know how to use Track app

Suggested instructions for staff using Track

The track companion app can be downloaded to your device from here:

The app contains instructions on how to use the track functionality.

Event code: <Insert Event Code here>

The event access code can be found in the excel sheet attached. Each session has its own access code so that you are scanning delegates into a particular session, rather than just into the event.

Once you have entered the event code and access code, you will be prompted with a large blue circle that says ‘Tap to Scan’. Once you tap this it will allow the app to use your camera. Point your device at an attendee’s badge and it will scan them into the session. It will appear with another green circle saying if it is successful or access denied.

**Ensure all practice scans are cleared before app launch**

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do my staff know how to use the Track app?
  • Do I have all the relevant information about this element and using it on the day?
  • Do my staff have all session codes required?
  • Do my staff have the Track app loaded onto their device?