Working with the Ignite design team

Our team of qualified designers, can help you seamlessly integrate Entegy Technology into your event brand.

To get started, please send our Ignite team the following brand assets:

  1. Examples of existing designs of your brand or event: for example a brochure, save the date, prospectus, website. This is for our team to see how your branding has been applied in the past or for your current event, in order to seamlessly design the app inline with your existing content
  2. Event branding: if you are using existing event branding please supply the high-resolution vector format (eps/ai) logos. If you do not have these files, supply as high res as possible pdf, jpg or png
  3. Supporting hero image/imagery: please supply any high res jpgs, ai or eps imagery to be used in your event app (retina smart devices require very high res images, any low-res jpgs will appear blurry)
  4. Sponsor logos for home/splash screens: if you have a host/main sponsors, or app sponsors. Supply their logo in Vector format (eps/ai) or as high-resolution jpg as possible

In Summary

  • Vector logos are preferred for best results
  • High resolution jpgs of supporting images

Our team are very experienced in creating beautifully designed event apps from these items. But, please let us know if there are any other requirements that you would like to see in your design that we won’t be able to pick up from your previous designs (eg. app sponsor, hero image has changed since prospectus).

Remember Entegy Technology is not just apps, we can also support you with designs for attendee name badges, EDMs, download landing page, kiosk interface, app adverts and interactive session splash screens.