How to import data from another project

The Core allows you to import data into a brand new or empty project from another project.

There are two ways to import data. From your Dashboard > Content Setup Wizard or from Content. You will only see the option (import content from project) if the project is empty, and you are the admin for the project.

Select ‘import’ from Dashboard Content Setup Wizard

Select 'import content from project’ from Content

From the import page, select the project you wish to import. Only projects you are a admin for will be selectable.


What is imported

  • All content pages
  • Profile types, settings, terms and custom multiple choice fields
  • Settings for all elements
  • App
    • Main menu and appearance
    • Submission forms
    • Banners
    • Ask a question settings
    • Push notifications and pop up messages
    • Smart redirects
    • In app badge
  • Kiosk settings and design
  • Interactive sessions and questions

Manually (set to yes by default):

  • Profile custom text fields
  • Badge templates
  • Registration forms
  • Tracking data, access codes
  • Basic email notification templates

What is not imported

  • Profiles
  • Submissions of Submission Forms
  • Store listing
  • App stats and usage
  • Attendee connect Activity feed, Leaderboard data
  • Attendance Tracking and Lead Capture access codes
  • Attendance Tracking and Lead Capture scans