Install Entegy Print Software


  • Download link
    Download the .zip from the url, then open the file and extract the contents to a known location on the PC, suggested \Documents directory.
  • Run EntegyPrintConfig.exe to setup the program.Double click the Entegy Print Config desktop icon


  • If the Setup URI is not set click the Add Handler button.
  • Select the Epson TM - C3500 from the printer selection
  • Select the ‘A6’ badge paper format set up for the Epson TM-C3500 printer, the paper name can vary from computer to computer. Named commonly as Entegy Badge or A6, select the correct badge size from the Select Paper Size drop down.
  • From the Print Side drop-down select the side or sides that you require to print. Note if the badge in the template is only single side select the Front option.
  • From the Print Rotation drop-down select how you would like each page to be printed. Note This option exists for double sided badge printing, rotating the back page will display the badge properly when the two A6 badges are folded over.
  • Alter the other options if required.
  • After the configuration has been altered to requirements click Save and exit the program.
  • Refer to Printer Settings in the Kiosk Installation article




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