How to merge exhibitor QR codes in Indesign

To add Exhibitor QR codes to an Indesign document, you can use InDesign’s Data Merge utility. This article explains how to export your Exhibitor QR codes from the Core, correctly format your data source (.csv file) and create a merged document with Indesign.

Export exhibitor QR codes
Navigate to Lead Capture > Exhibitor Access Codes in the Core. Select Export Exhibitor Codes on the right. This will download an excel spreadsheet of your exhibitor name, access code (for the capture app) and qr code.


Format your data source
A correctly formatted data source is key to a successful merge with Indesign.

  1. Firsty rename the title of the qr code column to #QRcode (see highlighted in yellow below). Next save your spreadsheet as a .csv file


Merge document with Indesign

To create the merged document in InDesign, follow these steps:

  1. In your Indesign document, create a placeholder for the QR code with the rectangle frame tool
    Note: The placeholders can be on a master page.
    Also create two placeholder text fields for the exhibitor name, and access code
  2. Select Window>Utilities>Data Merge
  3. From the panel menu, select Data Source
  4. Select the .csv file you just created. Click Open
  5. Click and drag QRcode from your Data Merge panel into the placeholder box. do the same for the text fields. The qr code and exhibitor name and access codes should be placed in your document, and look similar to the below screenshot


For more information about creating source and target files for use with the data merge utility, see Data Merge on Adobe’s InDesign Help page.