Registration complete email with kiosk information (Eventbrite)

System generated emails can be found in Project Configuration > System Email Templates.

This is a suggested template in html format, which can be previewed after entering into the editor window. To format the header / footer and colours you will need to customise the email design in App Appearance.


Registration complete with Kiosk information template (copy and paste into the editor window)

IMPORTANT: You will have to manually add the url to your event app download page. To avoid missing any instances of these it is easiest to use a find and replace function [downloadpage]

<h2>Dear {FIRSTNAME}</h2>
<p>Thanks for registering!</p>
<p>Download the event app to access crucial event information:</p>
<li><a href='[downloadpage]'>Download the App here</a></li>
<li>When prompted enter your unique profile ID - <strong>{AUTH-LINEONE-VALUE}</strong> to login and access the app content</li>
<li>Use the app to print your name badge on arrival, browse who else is attending, network, get points and win prize + view sessions, speakers, exhibitors, location information much more!</li>
<h3>Arrival details:</h3>
<p>When you arrive you will be able to print a name badge using our onsite printing kiosks. </p>
<h3>To print your badge:</h3>
<li>Open this email and load your unique QR code (below)</li>
<li>Scan the QR code at an available self serve kiosk</li>
<li>Once your badge is printed grab a lanyard and place your badge in the sleeve</li>
<li>Enjoy the event!</li>
<li>If you have downloaded the event app and logged in, simply use the QR code scanner within the app to print your badge!</li>