Bulk upload sessions and session segments

**This article relates to the NEW Schedule builder, contact the Ignite team for more information and to turn on for your next event**

The Core allows for bulk upload sessions and session segments to your schedule.

Upload Sessions

To bulk upload sessions go to the schedule editor and click 'import sessions' on the right. The next screen will have the option to open your file explorer on your device to locate the excel spreadsheet of sessions. Find your file and open. The importer has a couple options:

  • use first row as headings: leave this ticked to use the first row of your spreadsheet as the field headings.
  • Reference Field: leave this as new records only.

Click the green validate button.

If there are any errors you will be prompted to resolve them. If there are no errors you can import. This returns you to the schedule editor with your sessions added.



Correctly formatting your spreadsheet. At the bottom of this page, you will find an excel template to use. Avoid using additional formatting which may result in errors on upload. The time format, must in 24hr time and as shown below with 0 in front of numbers below 10 and include the semi-colon. e.g
and so on
8.00, 8:00 or 800 will all result in an error on upload


Upload Session Segments

To bulk add Session Segments, navigate to the Session Segment tab, within the Session you wish to import segments to. Click import session segments on the right. The importer process is the same as above. Template attached at the bottom of this article for session segments.