RRP estimator

How to use the RRP estimator

To access the RRP Estimator, click on 'Distributor' in the top right corner of the Core. Select RRP Estimator from the drop-down menu.

On the RRP Estimator page, enter the details of the client and project. These will appear on the generated estimate. Next select the software, deployment and elements required for the project:


  • App type: choose from basic, embedded and standalone. Read about the difference here.
  • Deployment: If choosing basic or embedded you will need to select a deployment option. Ignite Portal (users will access the app via the Ignite Launcher), Existing Client Portal (users will access the app via an existing client portal) New portal (creation of a brand new portal to access the app).
  • Elements: select yes to required Elements to include an estimate

Support Hours

  • Quick packs: the Ignite team have a number of support packs available depending on the amount of content entry and changes you plan to do on behalf of the client. From complete hands off (Full) to some project management, content and design (Standard) to most of the project management, content and design with a little assistance (basic). Or if you plan on handling it all yourself select none.


When you are ready, click on 'Generate' and the following will open in a new browser window. You can save/download this as a pdf. The Entegy logo and footer are added to the page from the Managing Distributor Design. Read more about adding this in the Managing your distributor account article.