Download Page Design (Standalone & Portal App)

Three assets and three colours are all you need to create and launch your own website through Core to direct attendees to download your app!

HEX codes
•    Text Colour
•    Footer Text Colour
•    Footer Background Colour

•    1000 x 300px PNG
•    Transparency optional

App on phone mockup
•    894 x 1226px PNG
•    Transparency optional
You can fill this space with any image you want

Download background
•    1920 x 1200px PNG
Note that the instruction text will sit on top of this, so the background can’t be too busy. 



All assets must be supplied exactly as specified. The Core will not accept assets with any deviations from the specifications. Read more. 

Click here to access Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop Templates

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