Badge creator design

Use profile data to generate print-ready pdf files or print on-site with Kiosks.

A6 stock – this is standard for most lanyards, and can be used if the client is generating their own badges
You can create badges in any size you want, even business card
If using Entegy Kiosk select the Kiosk Stock 100 x 152

Background Size
This is the same as the stock size, see above stock options.


  • Note: using coloured rectangles & rules you can easily change elements of your badge design in response to individual’s profile data (delegate/attendee type for example)
  • If you design your background to have a transparent area where you need your Delegate Type Strip, you can put the rectangle behind the background – for an easy way to change the shape/design of the delegate strip.
  • If your event requires icons to indicate other social registrations, add all icons to the background design and use white boxes with display rules to show and hide.
  • Allow room for a QR-Code so the badges can be used with the Attendance Tracking, Lead Capture & Attendee Connect Elements – for ease of a quick scan, we recommend you don’t go smaller than 3cm2
    NOTE: QR codes must be darker than the background in order for them to scan. A white QR code on a dark background will NOT work.
  • If you have setup your layout in InDesign the best way to replicate the design in the Badge Creator is to upload both a background pdf and a mockup pdf then you can use the mockup pdf to position everything correctly before deleting it
  • Make a note of font sizes used in your design so you don't have to switch from InDesign to the Badge Creator
  • Fonts available in the Badge Creator are listed here