Blank groups and blank pages

Blank groups allow organisers to create custom groups and add custom pages to that group. A good example would be an accommodation group that outlines all the available accommodation in the city of the event. This allows you to categorise all the information together and segment the information on separate pages.


Within the blank group that is called "All Accommodation", you can create blank pages. In this instance, the pages are the different hotels.


Within each of these pages add the information about the hotel.


And this is what it will look like in the app.


You can also change the cell style of the two options 'My Accommodation' and 'All Accommodation' by going into the details of the 'Accommodation' group. The cell style used in the example above is: Full Image Short Title Subtitle.


Cell Style: None, Title Subtitle, Title Body, Title

(Subtitle and Body haven't been added)


Cell Style: Large Image Title Subtitle


Cell Style: Image Title Subtitle, Image Title Body, Image Title


Cell Style: Full Image Tall Title Subtitle



Cell Style: Full Image Short Title Subtitle




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