Exhibitor passport competitions in the Entegy Suite

Hosting exhibitor passport competitions is an exciting way to entice your attendees to get involved and interact with exhibitors. It also acts as an added incentive for exhibitors to make the most of an event app by offering rewards and prizes to the winners in exchange for in-app promotions - maximising their ROI.

Passport competitions are essentially a scavenger hunt. Attendees go out and scan themselves at each exhibitor booth. The attendee with the most scanned booths wins! When an attendee scans an exhibitor, the exhibitor page will automatically keep track by ticking the event, as shown below.

Activating the passport competition

To enable the exhibitor passport competition, you will firstly need to ensure that you have setup your relevant exhibitor profiles in-app by creating and populating an exhibitor page type. Instructions on doing this can be found within the Create a new page article. Secondly, you will need to activate the Show Visited Status on Exhibitors setting, located within Settings under the App element.

Making the most of the passport competition

In order to make the most out of your passport competition you will need to get creative, integrating the various elements of the Core to further incentivise your exhibitors and attendees to participate. Consider offering prizes to those highest scoring attendees. These prizes can be sponsored by your exhibitors and sponsors in exchange for in-app push notifications and pop-up messages to advertise their presence and broaden their attendee reach. Further, consider activating the social leaderboard competition, awarding extra points to those participants whom interact with exhibitors actively in a meaningful way.






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