How can I restrict access to a page?

There are several ways for app organisers to restrict access to specific pages. Setting the page as clickable/unclickable and changing the visibility in app change the pages for everyone. Whereas password protecting a page, setting a smart redirect for profile types and using QR codes can be used for a specific group of attendees.

Setting page as clickable/unclickable & Change visibility in app

Go to "Page Settings" in the panel on the right hand side of the page you want to change.


If you want to restrict someone from accessing the page, either change "Visible in App" to no or change "Clickable" to no. Click save to finalise changes.

Password protect a page

Go to "Page Settings" in the panel on the right hand side of the page you want to change.


"Password" is the phrase that you would send to the specific group of people allowing them to access the page.

"Password Message" is the message that will appear when someone tries to access the page. An example message would be "VIPs Only".

Click save to finalise changes.

Set a smart redirect based on profile type

Before using this method, first create a blank page in "Content" and call it "Restricted Access".

Navigate to "Smart Redirects" under "App". Create a new redirect by clicking the plus symbol.


Give the redirect a name and then click the the plus symbol. Select the target page, the action, is equal to or not equal to and select the profile. In this example, we selected the Hive Technology page, where profiles type as the action, is equal to the VIP profile type. Set the "Else Redirect To" as the "Restricted Access" page.



Lastly, go to the page you want to restrict access to, and redirect that page to "Features" and expand it. Scroll down to "Smart Redirects", expand and select the name of the smart redirect. 


By doing this, only VIPs can access the Hive Technology page and all other page types will be redirected to the Restricted Access page since they're not the profile type that is allowed to view the content.

QR code

If an organiser wanted users to access a certain page by using a QR Code, set the page visibility as no and click get "Get QR Code"



With this code, organisers can send this out to specific attendees or set up at the session room to scan and access a page.