Registration Checklist

The Registration element comes enabled with all projects by default. Registration forms are used to capture delegate information which can then be utilised to set up profiles for use in-app. These forms can be accessed via a web-based platform and/or in-app. Regardless of where you choose to host your registration form, all data will be synced to the Core under the Profiles element. Provided is a checklist of processes you will need to ensure are completed correctly prior to launching a registration form.

It is advised that registration takes place from anywhere between 4 months + 2 weeks prior to your event taking place.


  • Ensure that all information to be captured is relevant and that all required fields are included.
    • Note: registration forms should be concise and should not be used to capture redundant information.
  • Before issuing the registration form, ensure that its status is set to live.
    • If applicable, ensure that the payment gateway is also set to live and your payment gateway details are correct.
  • Ensure that all email templates and related settings have been set up.
    • Test and view each of these emails thoroughly on varying device types to ensure they are formatted appropriately.
  • Remember to set the custom URL sub-domain for each of your forms.


  • Is your registration form/s linked to a menu icon or page in-app?
    • Make sure that the form is easily accessible. If it is linked to a page within a blank group, make sure that the page is not set to be unclickable or invisible.


  • Have I captured all of the information I require?
  • Are my registration forms easy to understand?
  • Is the registration form easily accessible?
  • Have I tested the registration form?
  • Have I tested the payment gateway?