Registration Checklist


  • Ensure that all information to be captured is relevant and that all required fields are included
    • Note: registration forms should be concise and should not be used to capture redundant information
  • Ensure registration form is set to live before sending out 
  • If applicable, ensure the payment gateway is set to live and details are correct
  • Ensure that all email templates and related settings have been set up
    • Test and view each of these emails thoroughly on varying device types to ensure they are formatted appropriately
  • Ensure custom URL sub-domain is set for each form


  • Is your registration form/s linked to a menu icon or page in-app?
    • Make sure that the form is easily accessible.
    • Test the form in-app


  • Have I captured all of the information I require?
  • Are my registration forms easy to understand?
  • Is the registration form easily accessible?
  • Have I tested the registration form?
  • Have I tested the payment gateway?