App Promotion Checklist

Provided is a checklist for promoting the launch of an app. Please note that while these activities are all optional, performing at least a few of these tasks is strongly advised in order to maximise attendee engagement and make the most out of an app.


  • [Strongly Advised] Send EDM containing details of app launch, download, logins and all other required information.
    • Send follow-up EDM/s promoting the app. Will help to encourage users to download and explore the app. Busy people need reminding!
  • Schedule and queue a set of Push Notifications to promote app and/or event specific details before and during the event.
    • It may be helpful to create a document detailing these Push Notifications prior to queuing them in the Core.
    • The same principles can be applied to Popup Messages.
  • If you are issuing attendee’s a program booklet, consider including a page detailing the app and download instructions.

The following promotional activities should be considered if the Attendee Connect element is enabled:

  • Drive conversation by posting welcome messages and topical points of discussions within the app’s activity feed.
  • Enable the gamification element and ensure all default achievements are enabled.
    • Consider offering prizes for the highest scoring attendees. Remember to mention this element within your EDM and/or activity feed.

The following promotional activities should be considered if the Lead Capture and/or Attendance Tracking elements are enabled:

  • [Strongly Advised] Where applicable, send EDM containing all information and details regarding both the Capture and Track apps.
    • Consider providing physical handouts to complement the EDM during the event. This may help to alleviate any potential issues caused by loss of data.


It is generally advised that an app is launched anywhere between 1  2 weeks + prior to an event taking place. This time frame gives delegates a suitable amount of time to download the app, login and explore the various features on offer. However, not too much time is given for delegates to exhaust the content on offer or to forget about the app when the event finally comes around.

The launch EDM containing download and login details should be sent to your delegates within this period. Please note; standalone apps submitted to the Apple App or Google Play stores may take up to 10 business days to be made available for download. You will need to factor this time delay into your launch timeline.


  • Do my delegates know how to download the app?
  • Do my delegates know how to login?
  • Do my delegates understand the various features on offer?
  • Do my exhibitors know how to use Entegy Capture?