How to use QR codes from other systems and what is supported?

The Entegy suite can utilise QR codes that are generated from external systems. This is useful when for example name badges are printed from an external registration provider, or if registration confirmation emails with QR codes are to be used to print badges from a kiosk.

Before external QR codes can be utilised within the Entegy suite, the system must first be told the format which the QR code data is in. If you’re utilising one of our automatic profile sync tools, this is automatically set up for you.

If you wish to manually configure this for data sources which don’t automatically sync with our platform, you must first configure the Regex Rules under ‘Badge Creator’, ‘Settings’ and then ‘Advanced’. Select ‘Custom’ and paste the Regex into the text field. These are rules that tell our system what format the badge data is in.


It’s important to note that when using custom formats for QR code data, both the Entegy existing format and the custom Regex Format are still recognised by the system.

We’ve listed some common codes below, or if you’re more technically inclined, click here for instructions on how to setup a regex rule to match your data.

*For EventsAIR, enter: ^.*,.*,.*$ in the custom field.


The systems that are supported and what their 'Badge Reference' should look like if done successfully:

  • iVvy - 0003291023T5082564
  • Eventbrite - 686520326856385897001
  • EventsAIR - 101,9F701EB4-2C30-405C-B962-134FD1F06FD9,5374C2A1-7EA6-4916-B3C3-B1F18D7DADA5

'Badge Reference' can be found in a user's profile data under 'Profiles'.