Data Overview

Distributors’ possess the ability to control large portions of data saved within the Core. Located under the Distributor menu, the Data Overview panel allows for owned projects to be reset and saved data present within the various elements to be deleted. Profiles, Capture scans, comments, form submissions, page views and points earned may all be deleted freely. However, it must be stressed that these deletions are irreversible and should be undertaken with proper consideration prior.

To delete a specific sub-set of data, click the corresponding dropdown icon and press ‘Delete All’. You will be asked to confirm the deletion, click ‘Yes’ to continue. Should you wish to reset an entire project, click ‘Reset Project (Delete All)’ located on the right. Again, you will be asked to confirm the deletion. Remember that this process is irreversible. It is always advised to create backups of your data before performing the deletions. Snapshots of your profile data can be taken from directly within the Core – refer to the following article for instructions on doing this.