Using the Bulk SMS tool

Warning: This feature is still in active development. As such, errors are to be expected for the time being.

Note: Before initiating a Bulk SMS campaign, it is advised that you contact your Ignite Network representative to establish costing estimates to avoid any unnecessary charges.

The Bulk SMS tool can be used to provide your event attendees with their app login details, digital badges and/or simply as a communication tool to build hype and excitement prior to commencing an event.

Bulk SMS is located under the Campaign Manager element. Using the tool is simple and requires only a few settings to be configured prior to sending. Firstly, you will need to configure the message you are wanting to send. A message may contain text, wildcards (for distributing profile data) and badge links. A complete list of usable wildcards can be viewed here, these are the same used for system email templates. If you are sending a badge link, you will need to click Add Badge Link to insert a clickable link into the Message Text field. You will also need to configure the relevant settings; Short Link Domain, Link Expiry and Badge Template. If you do not intend on sending a badge link, simply ignore these options. Once you have configured these settings, press Next to continue.

Secondly, you may decide which delegates you intend on sending the SMS message to using the filters available to you. These filters are based on profile fields and types provided by your delegates, stored within the Core. Once you have configured the filters to your required specifications, click Next to continue. If you wish to simply send the SMS to all delegates, leave the filters in their default state.

Thirdly and finally, you will be able to preview the SMS before sending. Note that rows marked red will not be sent, whereas as those marked as green will. Check those marked in red to ensure a correct mobile number has been provided. You may return to the previous two stages to reconfigure any details or settings that may otherwise be incorrect. It is advised that you perform a once-over check on your campaign to ensure that all configurations are correct as these cannot be altered once the SMS has been sent. When you are ready to send the SMS, simply click Send. The results of whether or not the SMS send was successful will be displayed below the preview section. You will not be charged for those unsuccessful messages.