Providing Capture login details to your Exhibitors

In order to utilise the Capture app, your exhibitors will require a set of unique login details to access their respective profiles within. The following guide provides a templated document that can be used to impart these login details to each of your exhibitors, coupled with comprehensive information on downloading and using the lead capture tool. To continue, you will require the latest version of Adobe InDesign and will need to ensure that you have generated blank access codes for each of your exhibitors.

Firstly, navigate to the Lead Capture element and select the Exhibitor Access Codes option from the drop-down menu. From within this menu, you will need to export your exhibitor codes to an excel spreadsheet format by clicking Export Exhibitor Codes. Ensure that this document lists both the exhibitor names and corresponding access codes, having removed the QR codes. You will then need to save this spreadsheet in the format of .csv – this can be done from within Microsoft Excel utilising the save as function.

Now, open the Capture A4 template attached to this guide in Adobe InDesign. You should notice the fields marked with <<Access Code>> and <<Exhibitor Name>>, these will be the fields populated with the content contained within the .csv file you have just created. A third field; <<Event Access>> will also be present. This field will need to be altered manually in the master document to reflect the Event Access Code unique to your app. Start by replacing the Event Access Code fields with that of your event.

Once you have completed the previous step, you will need to initiate your data merge. Start by navigating to the Window tab, highlight the Utilities option and select Data Merge – this will open a tool tray within Adobe InDesign. Select the Data Merge tab within this tray, followed by the burger bars located in the upper right-hand corner. From the pop-up, click Select Data Source. You may be prompted with the following message, simply ignore and click OK to continue.


You will now need to find the .csv document you created earlier. Once located and selected, you will need to create the data merged document by clicking the Create Merged Document icon, shown highlighted below.


By default, all the proper settings and options should be selected. Follow the prompts by clicking OK to all. Your data merged document should have created itself in a new tab of InDesign. From here, you simply need to export the data merged documents to a .pdf format ready to be sent to your Exhibitors. However, it is always advised that you check over your exported pages to ensure that they are correct prior to sending them to your Exhibitors. You may note that some of your Exhibitor names may have caused formatting issues should they be too long – not to worry, simply resize the affected text box or reduce the font size to alleviate these issues. You should receive a warning via a Overset Text Report upon performing the data merge to alert you of these issues.

If you experience any issues trying to perform the following, please contact your Ignite Network representative for further support.