Adding Abstracts to a Schedule

**This article relates to the NEW Schedule builder, contact the Ignite team for more information and to turn on for your next event**

Warning: This feature is still in active development. As such, errors are to be expected for the time being. Further, the Abstract page type can only be created by Ignite Network providers.

With your Abstract page type created you will now need to create each individual abstract within. Each of these can either be created manually using the page creation tool or can be imported in bulk via the Import Abstracts option. This guide will detail the process of manually creating an abstract. To begin creating an abstract, click the + icon.

From here, you will be presented with three fields; Title, Subtitle and Abstract Copy. The Subtitle field is optional. Abstract content can either be pasted directly into the Abstract Copy section as plain text or alternatively, can be inserted as a pdf file via an internal or external link. The latter option aims to retain source formatting such as super-script, where the former option cannot. Once you have populated the abstract with the required content, simply click Save.


Once you have created your abstract a number of configurable options will be made available, these being; Attached Speakers, Attached Sessions and Attached Session Segments.

Abstracts allow for multiple speakers to be attached, creating dynamic links to the respective speaker profiles within. To attach a speaker, or speakers, click the Attached Speakers dropdown and select the relevant speaker/s from the list. The arrow icon allows for the listing display to be re-organised.


When attaching an abstract to a session you will need to distinguish whether or not the target session is a segment. If the session is indeed a segment of a greater session, you will need to be sure to attach the abstract using the Attached Session Segment option - shown below. Otherwise, simply attach the abstract to an entire session using the Attached Session option. However, the latter will not function correctly should the session being attached have multiple session segments within.