How to best display abstracts and posters in-app?

Posters and abstracts are a fundamental element of most modern conferences and congresses, especially so for those in scientific and research orientated fields. The Entegy Suite allows for these abstracts and posters (commonly referred to as e-posters) to be displayed intuitively in-app.


Creating the appropriate digital platform for these posters is simple and can be done from directly within the Core, under the Content element. It should be noted that this guide is not the only way to go about creating a poster or abstract listing in-app. There are a number of suitable methods, this is simply Entegy's most common and suggested practice. This article should serve you as a source of inspiration.

To start, create a Blank Group page type and title it accordingly. From here, you will need to create a sub-page entry for each of your posters - similar to what is shown below. This can either be done manually or alternatively, via an import. Importing data into the Core is explained in the following article.


The above example is setup to display the abstract content upon opening the listing, followed by links to both view and rate the e-poster. The 'View Poster' button has been created using an m-link (marked by the chain link icon in the formatting bar of the copy field), uploading the poster in a pdf format. Once linked to the copy, this button will allow users to view the poster digitally. The 'Rate this poster' button has also been created using an m-link. However instead of a pdf upload, this form has been setup using the submission forms feature located under the App element. Guides on formatting your content to utilise these links can be found here.