Can I submit my own app? What submission options do I have?

If you have opted to host your own app instead of using an Entegy or affiliated distributor provided portal(s), see the figure below to understand and decide on the best submission option for your organisation. Once you have chosen the submission type you wish to pursue, follow the steps provided.

Option 1 - strongly advised

  • Invite Entegy as an Admin to your Apple App Store developer team and iTunes Connect.
  • Invite Entegy as a Release Manager to your Google Play developer team.
  • Individual accounts are not eligible for this option.

Option 2

  • Entegy to provide organisation with .APK and .IPA bundles of app build for self-submission.
  • The upload process is not directly supported by Entegy. Entegy Labs is available to assist at a fee.
  • It is recommended that a trusted and experienced developer handle this process.
  • A computer with macOS and Xcode equipped are required to complete this process.
  • Entegy will not provide the Entegy Suite source code to clients/partners.