Live Discussion - Audience discussion about the session

Live Discussion provides an in-app feed for attendees to live comment in the session. These comments appear in the event App in a discussion feed specifically for that session.

Please note: Attendees must be logged into the event app to participate in Live Discussion.

The top green bar in the Facilitator Dashboard allows you to enable / disable Live Discussion. Disabling this option will prevent audience members from posting comments to the feed.

Comments can be bookmarked in the Facilitator Dashboard by using the bookmark symbol to the right of the comment. Once bookmarked, the comment is added to the second tab ‘Bookmarked’. 


Phone Screen of discussion feed


When clicking on a comment within the Facilitator Dashboard you will be provided with the following options:

Create an Audience Polling Question - The comment will be used as the question title for a new voting question. 

  1. Click Create an Audience Polling Question to use the comment as the question text
  2. Select the type of question and enter any applicable answers
  3. Click Create Question 
  4. Click Yes to show the question to the audience
  5. Click No to store the question for later

Send to Screen as Display Only - Send the comment to the display screen.

Add to Display Queue - Send the comment to the display in a queue of other questions.