Submitted Questions - Audience asks a question

Attendees can submit questions in-app under 'Ask' prior to or during a session. This feature can be enabled from the Facilitator Dashboard under Submitted Questions. Questions submitted by app users will be displayed instantly on the Facilitator Dashboard.



To enable Ask a Question/Submitted Questions

  1. Navigate to the Facilitator Panel
  2. Select the desired event
  3. Click Facilitator for the relevant session
  4. Navigate to Submitted Questions from the top menu
  5. Toggle to Enabled

Submitted questions can be bookmarked in the Facilitator Dashboard by using the bookmark symbol to the right of the question. Once bookmarked, the question is added to the second tab ‘Bookmarked’. 

When clicking on a question you will be provided with the following options:

Create an Audience Polling Question - The comment will be used as the question title for a new voting question. 

  1. Click Create an Audience Polling Question to use the comment as the question text
  2. Select the type of question and enter any applicable answers
  3. Click Create Question 
  4. Click Yes to show the question to the audience
  5. Click No to store the question for later

Send to Screen as Display Only - Send the comment to the display screen.

Add to Display Queue - Send the comment to the display in a queue of other questions.


To enable Upvoting for Submitted Questions

  1. Navigate to Submitted Questions from the top menu
  2. Click the question you wish to enable Upvoting for, this will bring up a pop-up menu
  3. Click Add to Upvote Queue
  4. Do this for all questions you wish to add to the Upvote Queue

Submitted questions can be added to the Upvote Queue in order to allow for attendee input on which questions are the most relevant or interesting and should be posed to a session's speaker, panel or chair.


Send Top Voted to Display - will allow you to send the most voted questions to the display screen in set intervals.

  1. Navigate to Submitted Questions from the top menu
  2. Click Send Top Voted to Display
  3. Select the interval amount of questions you wish to display