Audience Live Polling - Ask the audience questions

 Audience Polling allows you to ask the audience questions from various sources including pre-populated questions, Submitted Questions and Live Discussion.

When first clicking on the Audience Polling module the first pre-entered question will appear, or if no questions have been entered you will be prompted to create one. 

Pre-entered questions will become part of the Audience Display Queue. This queue will cycle through each question in the list, appearing one after the other in the queue order. The Display Queue is complete once each question has been asked once. Once a question has been asked, it will no longer be part of the Display Queue.

TIP: When testing, results will need to be reset in order to reset the Display Queue.


Click Ask this Question on the first question in the Display Queue. At this stage the question text will be viewable on the audience’s mobile devices as well as on the display screen, however, it will not be answerable. By clicking Start Voting the audience will be able to submit their response to the question.

Display screen at this point: 


Mobile device at this point:


Once voting is active the Facilitator panel will update to show the answers and number of results per answer.


Buttons at the bottom of the page control the display output for this question:

  • Line Chart: Line chart will show the results in a  line chart on both the audiences mobile devices and on the display screen.
  • Pie Chart: Pie chart will show results in a line chart on the audience’s mobile devices and will show a pie chart on the display screen.

Display screen showing Line Chart of results


Mobile device displaying graph:


Clicking Close and Remove Question will close the question and hide it from both the display screen and attendee devices.

You are then able to proceed to the next available question in the Display Queue by clicking 'Ask this Question'. This will then continue to cycle through all pre-populated questions until the Display Queue has been completed.