Enabling page categories


Categories allow you to group multiple pages under one category to allow easy searching by your users.

There are three steps to enable category searching. First the categories need to be added, then a search filter bar needs to be enabled, and finally sub pages need to be added to the category

Create a category

Click the symbol to add a new category. Where there are existing categories, they will be listed. To delete a category just mouse over the name and click the Delete option that appears.

adding a category for speakers list

When adding a new category the following screen will display.

Type the name of the required category into the Name field and click Save. Your new category will then be added to the list of current Categories. You will then be able to allocate other pages to these categories where appropriate.

Enable Page Search

 View the page searching article to add a page filter bar for categories.

Add sub pages to category

To organise your sub pages into the newly created category, go to the sub page. On the right hand side of the page you will see the option to select the categories. Choose the category and save the page.