Adding inline images


Clicking the above icon will display the following pop-up window, which will allow you to insert an image in the page content.

The image popup presents you with new options relating to the display of the image in your page;
Align Type – The choices are Left, Centre, Right, Padding Left, Padding Right or Padding Both. This will determine where the image sits across the page and whether white-space padding is to be added.
Width Percentage – The choices are 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. Setting this option determines how much of the width of the app page the image will take up.
To choose an image from your computer, click the browse button and use the standard file browser to select the appropriate image. Once selected, click the upload button to copy the image file to the server so that it is available to all users of the App. Once uploaded a line of code will be inserted into your copy similar to ‘~img~1.407514~0.25~2~db34406b-d71d-40c3-8bc9-0c70f292z477.jpg’.

Before uploading images, it’s a good idea to reduce them to an appropriate size to optimize loading time (maximum width required is 720 pixels).