QR scanner overview

The QR Scanner is a feature page that can be added to the App Main Menu to scan various types of QR codes.

Add the QR scanner directly to the Main Menu, from the App Element.

App users can select the QR scanner with the app open on their device, then point the phone camera towards the QR code they intend to scan. The functionality of the scanner varies depending on the type of code scanned. For example:

Badge: By scanning a QR code which is unique to an attendee the app will open their particular profile from the attendee/profile list.

Page code: By scanning a QR code of a session or page will open that particular page within the app. These are particularly useful for linking directly to Interactive Session pages for quick access.

Kiosk check in: Attendees can scan a QR code on a kiosk to immediately check in and print their badge.