Setup Ask a Question

Ask a question allows app users to submit questions to session items within your event app. It can be enabled for any schedule session in the app.

Enabling Ask a Question

To enable go to Ask a Question within the App Element. All sessions will be listed here, and can be enabled by clicking the drop down arrow next to the session. Ask a question can also be enabled via the session page.

Viewing Questions

To view submitted questions, click on the session. Here you will find a list of all submitted questions. You can click Refresh Questions at the top of the page to update the list.

 How to Submit Questions

If Ask a Question is enabled, App Users will see an the symbol when viewing the session. They can click on the Ask a Question symbol to enter their question. It is optional to enter their name with the question, however if they are logged into the app, their name will appear with their question in the Core whether they enter it or not.