Notes and bookmarks


Bookmarks allow an app user to quickly bookmark pages for quick access at a later stage. Page types that feature bookmarks include Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, Delegates, Sessions and What’s On.

Bookmarks are a built in feature of the app platform and do not need to be manually enabled or disabled.

Within a page that has the bookmark feature available a button will show in the top right of the menu bar, which when clicked will add this page to the users bookmarks. Bookmarks can then be viewed through the bookmarks section of the My App page.


The notes section within the app allows a user to capture notes about sessions directly within the app. These notes can then be exported to an email address for viewing at a later point.

To capture notes click the notes button which appears at the top right of a session page. A new page will open with a text area.

Notes can be exported through the My App by the app user. Simply click on Export Notes, enter an email address and click the Email button to send.


*Bookmarks and notes are only locally stored and are not synced across logged in devices. If the app has been deleted bookmarks and notes are lost.*