Activity Feed overview

The Activity Feed is a great way to encourage app users to interact. App users can post status updates in real-time. Status updates can contain both text and/or images, but not video.

App users can comment on session, speaker, exhibitor and sponsor pages. These comments will appear on the page and in the activity feed. It is important to note you may only have a single feed.

App users can comment on other user statuses and will receive notifications when someone comments on their status. They can delete their own comments or report another users comment. Organiser accounts can delete comments by any user.

Activity Feed can be found under the Attendee Connect Element

  1. To set up your Activity Feed configure the settings to allow status updates, require login and allow commenting on specific pages.
  2. View statistics showing the amount of status posts, comments and images from the stats bar, shown in the below screenshot.
  3. Select the reported comments tab to view or delete reported comments. You can also delete comments from the preview tab, by selecting the drop-down arrow.


Encourage participation with Gamification

If you are looking for ways to encourage app users to participate in the activity feed, you can reward them with points when they post a status or comment via the Points & Leaderboard Attendee Connect Feature.