Importing page data

Several page types display lists of subpages. Examples of these are FAQ, News, Speaker, Sponsors, Exhibitors and Blank Group, among others. For these page types; subpages may be populated directly via the Core or through method of bulk upload using the import function. The following tutorial uses the Speaker page type as an example, but the same methodology can be applied to all instances of importing content to subpages.

Content may be imported in bulk to any given page by uploading a properly formatted spreadsheet using the import function located on the page.

A properly formatted spreadsheet is shown below. The first row should consist of headings appropriate to the subpage content fields you are wanting to import. All content should then be listed in the rows below.

If you are unsure of how to correctly format your spreadsheet you can always generate one by clicking the Export link; located below import. This will produce a formatted Excel spreadsheet with any data currently within the page. If no data is present, the spreadsheet will be absent of any data, except for formatting.

Once you have populated your spreadsheet with data, you can begin the process of importing. Note that not all fields need to be populated with data for the import to work. To begin the import process, simply click the import option on the right side of the page. In the context of a Speaker’s page type – this is listed as ‘Import Speakers’. This is shown below.

By clicking on the import option, you will be navigated to the import launch page. From here, you will upload your populated spreadsheet. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to upload your file. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your file onto the ‘Choose File’ button for an express upload. Make sure that the ‘Use first row as headings’ option is checked before importing your file if you have formatted your spreadsheet as advised. Once your file has been selected, you will see the validation screen as shown below.

The ‘Reference Field (for updating a record)’ should be set to ‘New Records Only’ if you are
populating an otherwise empty page group with new data. If you are updating already existing data,
you will need to format your spreadsheet differently to include the Module ID of each subpage or
row of data in the spreadsheet. The Module ID field along with the unique Module ID for each
subpage (should they exist) will be automatically generated in a spreadsheet when exported directly
from the Core. If importing updated data, you will need to ensure that ‘Module Reference’ is
selected in the Reference Field dropdown.

To proceed with the import, click the ‘Validate’ button and the spreadsheet will be checked for
compliance with the required format. Any errors will be displayed in the ‘Error Output’ field,
otherwise the following screen will be displayed as below.

By clicking ‘Import’, the upload process will begin. Generally, this process is instantaneous, however, depending on the amount of data present in the spreadsheet and your internet connection, this may take several minutes or longer. Once the upload process is complete, you will be returned to the import launch page and your data will be present within the app.