Create a new page


There are multiple ways to add application content to your content manager. It's a good idea to group pages into areas to help manage the content. To learn about grouping pages click here. Secondly determine what type of information you require from, or convey to app users. For more information about page types click here.

By default there will only be an empty single page group named Default, to add a new page to the Default group click on either the Add a Content Page located in the center of the grouping panel, the Add button located top right corner of the grouping panel or Create a New Page within the panel to the right of Default group panel.

A new window Create New Page will appear, this window is laid out by numeric steps and to exit the setup click the Cancel button at anytime through out this process.

  1. Select a page type: Choose the page type you require from the list view (Note if you require a more detailed overview for page types click here)
  2. Add a menu icon (optional): In this step you can proceed to create this page by clicking the Create button before initializing the page name and icon. (Note however this page will be hidden from app menu, until added in the App Element > Main Menu). To add this page directly to your applications content from this step click on the check box Create menu icon  by doing this will add new dialog to the window. Click on the image and select an icon from the list (Note if you don't select an icon a default icon will be used on the app). Now in the text box enter the name of your page, now click the Create button.


After you create the content page you will be directed to a details page specific to that page. For example, below is the content editor for an exhibitor page. Different page types will have different fields and content options. Refer to the page types section of the Knowledge Base for more.