Adding internal page links


Internal page links allow you to directly link to other pages within the app from within the body copy.

Internal page links can be styled - this determines how the link will look - Please note not all page types support each of the Display Styles available.   Eg: Heading/Subheading display style is only for linking to a page housed within a container page.

To add an internal link this click the paperclip icon.

Clicking the icon will display the following pop-up window, which will allow you to link to one of your other app pages from the page content on this page.

When you click on the first field (as shown below) a list of options will appear in a drop down selector. These options will determine how the link displays on your App page. The selections include options for displaying the title and some text of the linked page with or without images and/or icons. Test out the various settings to see which best suits your link.

The Title field is where you enter the text you would like the link to display. For example enter View the program.

Clicking the Icon will display a set of icons (below) from which you can choose the one most appropriate for your link.

Clicking the Linked Template Id will display a pop up from which you can choose the alternate App page you wish to link to. Initially you will see a choice of Content or Features. Click Expand to view more options. Content allows you to select another content page, Features gives access to the special features pages within the app. Which Features you are able to link to will depend upon the set up of your App and what has been enabled.

Once you have completed all fields in the Internal Link pop-up, click Insert to add the appropriate code to your content page, or click Close to discard all information.