Adding links to external content


To create a link to external content hosted outside of your app go to the Content section in the Core. Select the page you wish to add a hyperlink. Once the edit screen is open click the below icon

The following pop-up window will appear, which will allow you to link to a website url, pdf document or video.

The Title field is where you enter the text you would like the link to display. For example enter 'Go to our website'.
Clicking the Icon will display a set of icons (below) from which you can choose the one most appropriate for your link.

The When clicked, the link will field has options for what and how your external link will display.

The URL field needs the full internet address of your file, video or webpage. You can easily obtain this by visiting the appropriate link in your browser and then copy and paste from the browser URL bar to the URL field. For example:

If you are adding a link to a YouTube video this will normally load from your app into the YouTube app, if installed on the mobile device, otherwise it will load in the user’s browser. The URL needs to include the full information pointing to the video (the v= and following code) but does not need any other code that may follow an & symbol. For example

When linking to a self hosted video you must include the URL path down to the file level. Videos will play within the app’s embedded player. Supported file formats include .mp4 and .mov. Playback will depend on what the user’s device supports. An example URL is