Creating, editing and deleting popup messages

Popup messages highlight information to app users when they navigate to page within the App. Popups contain a header, either body copy or an image and can optionally include a link to another page within the App.


Popup messages can be found in the App Element.

Here you will see your existing popups. To edit a popup, click the title, or to delete, select the drop down arrow, and click delete.

  1. To create a new popup, click the icon
  2. Enter a title for the popup.
  3. If you would like the popup to include a link to another page, select the target page using the target selector.
  4. The popup content type can either be a text message, or an image. For message, type into the text area. To add an image, click on the browse button to select an image from your computer. Images work best in portrait and should be a minimum width of 400px. Accepted formats are PNG and JPG.
  5. Click the save button to complete your popup.

To make a popup appear on a page or feature within the app, navigate to that page within the Content section or the feature.

If the page supports Popup messages, it will be listed in the “Page Settings” on the right hand side. Click the edit button to bring up the Page Settings editor.

Under Popup Message Settings, select the popup you want to display. Select whether the popup should appear once, or every time the page is visited. Click save to complete.